Welcome to The Bank Job. These FAQs should help answer any questions you may have about the online game, application form and prize draw.

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What is the head to head game?
The head to head online game lets you play The Bank Job against other real live players. You can play the head to head game for fun at any time here channel4.com/bankjob, the game is always open. Win three (3) head to head games during a tournament window and become an elite player to be able to log into the site and unlock an exclusive online application form.

How old do I have to be to play The Bank Job head to head game?
You have to be 16 years or older to be able to play. And you must be 18 years or older, and a UK resident, to apply to appear on the programme and/or to enter into the £10,000 prize draw.

How do I play the head to head game?
The simplest way to learn the rules is to watch the tutorial that plays the first time you start a game. You can also watch this tutorial at any time from the game’s menu, by clicking How To Play when you are logged in.

Here’s a description of the gameplay: You have 45 seconds to answer as many multiple choice questions as you can and find as much money as possible in the vault. To win a match, you must leave the vault before your time runs out, and with more money than your opponent. In order to collect money, you must answer a multiple choice question correctly for the chance to open a safety deposit box. Each box contains either a cash amount, a ‘steal’ or nothing at all. If you find a cash amount, it is added to your briefcase. If you find a steal, you automatically steal the highest cash amount your opponent has found. After each safety deposit box is opened, you are given the chance to leave the vault. If you leave and your opponent fails to collect more money than you, you win! But beware: leave too early and your opponent could overtake you. Leave too late and your opponent could steal your cash. If you run out of time before you decide to leave, you get locked in the Vault and lose. If your opponent leaves the vault with more money than you, you lose.

When can I play the head to head game?
You can play the head to head game for fun at any time here channel4.com/bankjob, the game is always open. Tournament times are listed in the game and will be released on Facebook and Twitter.

What are tournaments?
You must play during a tournament and win three games to achieve elite status. This will entitle you to apply for a £10,000 prize draw, and unlock the chance to apply to be a TV contestant. Tournaments occur regularly at specified times. The next tournament times are listed in the game and will be released on Facebook and Twitter.

When is the next tournament?
The next tournament times will be listed in the game and will be released on Facebook and Twitter. You can play the head to head game for fun at any time here channel4.com/bankjob, the game is always open.

Do I have to register?          
You must register in the head to head online game in order to play.

I’m from the Republic of Ireland – can I play?
Yes, you can play the game for fun, but for legal reasons, we limit applications to the show and entry to the prize draw to residents of the United Kingdom.

I got a message saying I’m a ‘Prolific Player’, what does that mean?
You have been playing a lot! It means you’ve seen every question we’ve got. More are added all the time, so try again soon.

I found a steal, what does that mean?
If you find a steal inside a safety deposit box, it means you automatically steal your opponent’s biggest bundle of cash – if they have one. Your steal is ineffective if your opponent does not have any cash, or if they have already left the vault, or if they have been locked in the vault.

My safety deposit box was empty, why?  
Some safety deposit boxes contain cash amounts, some contain steals, and some are empty. Better luck next time.

I got a question right but I didn’t get asked to leave the Vault?
If your opponent has already left the vault, you won’t be able to leave until you collect more money than them.

I’ve been locked in the Vault, what happened?
If your time runs out before you leave the vault, you are locked in and lose the game. Judging the best time to leave is a crucial part of The Bank Job.

How do I steal my opponent’s money?
So long as your opponent has money to steal, and they haven’t left the vault, you can steal their biggest bundle by finding a ‘steal’ in a safe deposit box after you answer a question correctly.



How do I tell my friends I’m playing the game?
You can show your friends how well you’re doing by sharing your player profile on Facebook and Twitter. Just click the share button on the game home screen, select ‘boast to your friends’ after you have won a match, or sharing your player profile stats from the game summary screen.

What are my stats? 
Your stats paint a picture of what type of player you are, based on how you play the game. The game tracks information like whether you are quick to answer questions, or whether you stay in the vault until the last second. It also tracks how many games you’ve won or lost, and how much money you’ve won altogether. You can view your stats by clicking ‘View your stats’ from the game home screen. By keeping a record of everyone’s stats, you’re able to size up your opponent, by comparing your stats to theirs.

What is my ‘player type’?
Your player type is automatically calculated from the way you play the game. It will help give you an idea of your opponent’s playing style – and vice versa.

Why does my player type change?
Every time you play the game, it tracks your playing style, like how fast you answered and how long you stayed in the Vault. Your player type is based on this information and may change depending on how your matches transpire. For example, if you start leaving the vault early on a regular basis, your player type may change from Risky to Cautious.

I’ve answered a question but it’s still my turn?   
Your turn continues and your clock counts down until you get a question right. Once you answer a question correctly, you get the chance to open a safety deposit box and then choose whether to leave the vault or stay and continue playing. Play then switches to your opponent and it’s their turn to try and get a question right. If your opponent chooses to leave the vault, your turn continues until either you answer a question correctly and choose to leave the vault or until your time runs out and you are locked in.

My opponent disconnected during a match. Does the game count as a win for me?
Yes, if a player disconnects they forfeit the match.

I lost my connection in the middle of a game. Does the game count as a loss for me?
It will count as a loss, yes. If a player disconnects for whatever reason and whether intentionally or not, they forfeit the match.

The game says ‘No match available’, what’s happening?
This means that there are no players available at the moment. Please try again later. Connecting you to another player can sometimes take a few minutes, so please be patient. Increase your chances of connecting to another player, by playing during tournaments, when more people are playing. If you’re playing when a tournament isn’t running, perhaps you could send the game link to a friend to play against.

My friend is playing online too, how do I choose to play against them?
You can’t specifically choose to play against your friends, you will automatically be matched against other random online players. If there’s no one else to play against, you can invite your friend to play and may be matched against them – unless another online player arrives first.

I’ve received a disconnection message?    
The game relies on a continued connection to the internet. If this connection is lost the game will try and reconnect without you losing your game. However, in some circumstances this may not be possible and you may need to start your game again. In these rare circumstances you will lose the game and have to start afresh.

Does it cost me anything to play?
No, there are no charges to play. However you are responsible for all costs associated with your use of the game, including but not limited to: data usage costs and costs associated with your internet provider.

Can I play the head to head game on my smartphone or tablet?
No, it’s a flash game so unfortunately you won’t be able to play on your smartphone or tablet.

I can’t get the Bank Job game to load
Please ensure you’re using a computer with the latest version of Adobe Flash (download Flash here). If you still experience problems, please try again later as it may be due to problems caused by the high volume of players.


How do I apply to be on the show?
The only way to apply to be on the show is to win three (3) head-to-head games on The Bank Job game over on channel4.com/bankjob. You’ll then become an elite player and be able to log into the site and unlock an exclsuive online application form.

What is an Elite player?
An Elite player is someone who has won at least three head to head online games during a tournament. The games don’t have to be in a row, and they don’t need to be during the same tournament.

What happened to my elite status for the previous series?
You keep your elite status for each series that you achieved it. You will see a badge in the head to head game for each series that you achieved elite status. You will need to achieve elite status again each series to unlock the new application form and competition entry.

So, being an Elite player unlocks the application form, so I can apply to be a contestant on the show? And it allows me to enter the £10,000 prize draw?
Correct, providing you are over 18 and a UK resident. Once you have won three matches during tournament play, you will become elite and will be shown in the game a link to thebankjob.tv. On thebankjob.tv, you will be able to log in (using the same details as you used in the game) and apply to be a contestant on the show and / or enter the prize draw.

Do I have to apply for the show and enter the prize draw together?
No, you can just apply for one of these, or you can do both. It’s up to you.

I chose not to apply for the show and / or the prize draw when I unlocked Elite status. Can I apply later?
Yes, providing you apply to be on the show before the closing date of 9am, 5th March, 2012 and enter the prize draw before the closing date of 9am 12th March, 2012.

When I try to log in to thebankjob.tv it says I’m not an Elite player, but I’m entering the same details I registered to play the game?
To become an Elite player you need to win three matches of the head to head game during a tournament window. When you’ve achieved this you should see a notification to confirm it. Return to thebankjob.tv and you should now have elite status. If you you’re not an elite player, you won’t be able to enter the vault on thebankjob.tv.

Can I apply to be on the show if I live outside the UK?
You can only apply to be on the show if you are a resident of the UK.

How old do I have to be to apply to be on the show?
You need to be over 18 years old to apply to be on the show.

How do I attach my photo to my application form?
Please upload your image in JPG, GIF or PNG formats, uncompressed and smaller than 1MB.

What do I do once I’ve submitted my online application form?
If we are interested in your application we will give you a phone call to discuss some of your answers in a bit more detail and may invite you to an audition. We will send you all the details you will need by email before the audition. There is no guarantee that by filling in the application form you will be invited to an audition or take part in The Bank Job.

When do I have to submit my application form by?
You have to submit your online application form before 9am on the 5th March 2012. However if you are an Elite player and wish to enter the cash prize draw you will still have until 9am on the 12th March 2012 to do so.

What do I do if some of my personal details have changed since I submitted my application form?
If you want to update your information because your personal details have changed please email us at dataprotection@endemoluk.com stating the name of the Programme.

Can I go back to add further information to my saved answers?
Yes, there is a back button, which you can use to go back and fill in more detail if you need to, before you submit your online application form. Once you have submitted your online application form you will not be able to change the information you have entered.

Do I have to complete the online application form all in one go?
No. Your answers will be saved as you progress through the online application form. To return to your saved online form, log back into the site and click through the pages to reach saved answers and to continue completing the online form.

I lost internet connection whilst completing the form, will my answers be saved?
Yes. Simply log back in and you will see your answers saved.

Why can’t I see my information in the online form?
If you are returning to a previously saved form and cannot see the information you entered you might need to clear your browser’s page cache. The easiest way to do this is to click anywhere on the form and then press Ctrl-F5 on your keyboard.

If you have trouble submitting a previously saved form:
If you are returning to submit a previously saved form, you may need to re-upload your images to complete the submission process, even if they do appear within your saved form content.

How many times can I apply?
You only needed to apply once to be considered for this Series.

I applied in Series 1, do I have to reapply?
Yes, you need to reapply for the new series. You will need to gain a Series 2 elite status and then apply again.

I entered the prize draw in Series 1, to I need to enter again?
Yes, it’s a new prize draw competition for the new series. You will need to gain Series 2 elite status and then enter the new prize draw on thebankjob.tv.

How do I know whether my online application and / or prize draw entry has been successfully submitted?
Once you’ve submitted your online application for the show and / or prize draw, you will be shown an on-screen ‘Thank You’ message.

Also, once you’ve submitted, and then log back into www.thebankjob.tv you will see the messages “Thank you, You have applied to be on the show” and / or “Good luck You have entered the prize draw.” You will also no longer be able to access the forms. If you DON’T see these messages and you can still click through to either form, please fill in the online forms to complete your submissions.

How do the Bank Job contestant team decide who will go on the show?
We are looking for contestants with a good standard of general knowledge, who have given full and creative answers on their application forms and have been chatty, engaging and interesting in the audition process when speaking about themselves and the game. They can be any age and from any part of the UK but they must really want to be on the show and have the chance to win a sum of money that would make a difference to their life.


How do I login to complete my online application form and enter the £10,000 prize draw?
Once you are an Elite player, return to thebankjob.tv and enter the vault by logging in using the details you registered with on The Bank Job head to head game. You’ll then get access to the online application forms to apply for the show and enter the £10k prize draw.

What if I can’t log into my account?
Please check that you have entered the correct email address and password that you registered with in The Bank Job head to head game. If you think you may be entering the wrong password please see the instructions below on how to reset your password.

What do I do if I’ve forgotten my password?
If you try to log in to the site but have forgotten your password, you should see a link to reset your password at the bottom of the login screen.
Please enter the email address you used to register in The Bank Job head to head game and we will email you a link which you need to click and follow the instructions to change your password.

How do I update my Account Settings?
You must already be logged into your account. Click on the ‘Manage Account’ in the top right of any page and you may edit all/any fields and press the Submit button to save. If you are updating your account details via the Manage Account link on thebankjob.tv website you may be required to re-enter your log in details first.

I have turned 18 since I first played the game, how do I update my age so I can apply for the show?
Log into either the head to head game or (if you have achieved Elite status) thebankjob.tv. In the top right you will see a link called ‘Manage Account’. Click this link to be able to update your age or change your account password.



Who made The Bank Job head-to-head game and play along game?    
Chunk Games built The Bank Job head to head game, and Monterosa made the play along game, both in association with Endemol and Channel 4