Head to Head

Playing live against other online players, you are locked in the vault against your opponent and have 45 seconds on the clock to answer as many questions correctly as possible. Each time you get a question right, you have the chance to open one of 25 safety deposit boxes which contain either a bundle of cash, a steal – or might simply be empty.

Find as much money as you can within your 45 seconds and leave the vault with more money than your opponent to win the match. But be careful – choose to leave too early and your opponent could overtake you. Leave it too late and your opponent could steal your cash, or worse – you could get locked in the vault.

You can come back and play the head to head game for practice at any time – the game is always open, but to gain elite status and unlock the application form you must play during tournament windows.


To be in with a chance of becoming a contestant on The Bank Job, you must first pit your wits against other hopefuls in the online head to head tournament games and gain elite status.

For an exclusive chance to unlock an application form to apply to be on the show and enter the £10,000 prize draw, you must win three (3) tournament matches in the head to head game. Tournament windows are advertised on, on Facebook and Twitter and on the head to head game home page. You do not have to win three matches in the same tournament window, or three consecutive matches – just win three times during any tournament play.